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15th February 2018 11:26:06 AM
Beechcraft King Air A-100 C-GJBV de SkyJet en approche pour piste 24 Aéroport Internationale Jean Lesage de Québec QC. CYBQ L'aile gauche a été percuté par un drone à 2500 pieds d'altitude. Les pilotes ont fait l'appel Pan Pan à la tour de contrôle. Les dommages sont mineurs 12-10-2017

le commandant
12th February 2018 9:05:07 AM
A nice video on youtube

3rd February 2018 4:49:28 AM
C-GYMG Robinson R-44 En partance de Bauce direction St-Félix-de-Valois dans Lanaudière QC. écrasement dans un champs rang St-Jean-Baptiste vers 21h près de Drummondville QC. L'appareil a pris feu en touchant le sol. Il a eu 3 fatalités malheureusement. Les conditions météo pourraient expliquer l'écrasement de l'hélicoptère.
le commandant
2nd February 2018 11:28:58 AM
N44PM I would love to see any pictures as my Dad rebuilt this air plane in 1974 I have lots of pictures I would be happy to share if you are interested.had past away 2009

30th January 2018 7:08:16 PM
I am pleased to have tracked down this Duchess and to discover that it has moved to NZ.
I owned the aeroplane for 6 years between 1989 and 1995.
It was registered as VH-BCJ and operated by my flying school, Hunter.Air, that operated at Cessnock, NSW.
I loved flying this aeroplane.

29th January 2018 8:56:58 PM
Iâve just purchased this aircraft and certification is current with CASA. Looks like your records are out of date.

8th January 2018 10:18:32 PM
VH-WAS Was originally given to Cherokee 28/180 Archer.
I did some time on this doing 'touch and goes' in 1978 at
Surfers Paradise airfield also some local flying around the
Moreton Bay Area. The a/c was involved in a mid air collision
at 08.24hrs on 07Aug 1988 with PA28/!80 Archer VH-DMB
at Moreton Bay / South Passage Bar. There were fatalities
with VH-DMB. Believe that Surfers Paradise Airfield no longer
I Remember doing Touch and Goes in a C150 at OOL then
called Coolangatta, and now known as 'Gold Coast Airport'
Amazing, doing touch and goes at an International Airport.


5th January 2018 3:55:27 AM
Prior to VH-SVW being used by a Bell Jet Ranger, it was assigned to a PA28 Cherokee cruiser,
the c/n is 28-7425360 registered 13/09/1974 and had a previous reg. N9623N. The aircraft
was operated by Chieftain Aviation at Bankstown, [BWU) l did many hours on this aircraft in
1978, after going Solo in it. usually departing BWU for scenic to the Blue Mountains, and
returning with a landing at Hoxton Park, nr. Liverpool N.S.W..

l remember sharing a flight from BWU to MBW via CBR and ABX. having to refuel twice.
My licencing CASA instructor STERLING PRESTON flew the leg BWU/CBR. Cheryl, Sterling's
wife CBR/ABX, and l flew ABX/MBW. after a few days of getting my hours up in Victoria,
l flew VH-SVW from MBW to MEB l recall on finals at MEB l was asked to speed up approach
as an Air Naru B727 was behind me, The captain of the Air Naru B727, [an Aussie] replied.
that he would slow down, as the cherokee's wings would probably come off. l remember
landing flapless, to clear main quickly.
The aircraft also had a retractable air conditioner which caused a lot of drag, if forgetting to
retract it on t/o.
VH-SVW was a great aircraft, and l would fly it often, also VH-IAL the sistership, on which l
qualified with my PPL.


3rd January 2018 1:08:11 AM
I qualified with a PPL on IAL in 1978. most of my training was with IAL, and sistership SVW which both
were being used by Chieftain aviation at Bankstown. [BWU] . I remember my fear of stalling, after having
witnessed the crash of Vickers Viscount G-AVJA on a positioning flt MAN/EDI . The a/c crashed in front of
me. having stalled at around 1000 ft on take off from runway 06. After having had 3 instructors at Bankstown,
l finally was lucky enough to meet training captain STERLING PRESTON, who found time to help me combat
my fears, and with time on SVW and IAL took my examination for PPL. IAL was White/Green, and SVW White/
Red. Both PA28 cruisers had been recently imported into Australia, and were crisp in performance, with the
trim wheel in the centre console, rather than a handle in the ceiling as on earlier PA28's.

After leaving Australia, with a PPL, l did some more flying in the USA. at Dekalb Peachtree, near Atlanta.
with a PA28 Dakota. supplied by Epps Air Services. and had my Australian Licence endorsed and an FAA
licence supplied after 40 minutes of being checked out by an FAA lady examiner.

STERLING went on to fly as captain for East West, and later Ansett, before training captains again with a
flight training company in Albury [ABX] l owe much to him, and the time l spent in VH-IAL

2nd January 2018 12:11:11 PM

2nd January 2018 8:56:23 AM
The Austro Aero E4-A is not a AvGas engine - it's actually a turbocharged intercooled diesel cycle (Jet Fuel) engine

28th December 2017 4:16:37 PM
Same aircraft, same day, same location.

Cliff Olds
28th December 2017 4:11:03 PM
Same location, same day.

Cliff Olds
22nd December 2017 10:37:28 AM
C-GWEA ATR 42-320 West Wind Aviation départ Aéroport Fond du Lac CZFD Saskatchewan CA. vers Aéroport Stony Rapids CYSF CA. accident après départ 18:15 CA, une fatalité 22 passagers et 3 membres d'équipage.
le commandant.
20th December 2017 3:20:24 PM
Good evening Rodney,
Please contact me on regarding the sale of your Bantam.
Kind regards,

Francois Buys
9 Stubbs Place
Fairview Heights
16th December 2017 5:23:29 PM
The Cessna 172rg 1980 is a very
Practical aircraft with its constant speed Propellor and retractable undercarriage make it quite sleek and very fuel efficient cruise at 125knts

16th December 2017 5:14:53 PM
Beautiful Aircraft 1980 Cessna 172rg

12th December 2017 10:48:25 AM
Compass swing 12.12.17

8th December 2017 5:17:09 PM
Owned by a guy who's 'mid life crisis' started at 18

All round good guy, entrepreneur, socialite, potential 'A' lister, raconteur, wine drinker ð·

4th December 2017 4:18:17 PM
WRU in the Desert

4th December 2017 4:06:59 PM
TLD Alice Springs Airport

24th November 2017 10:33:50 AM
Congratulations on flying the airmail centenary commemoration flight Adelaide to Gawler on 23 November 2017. Wonderful to see the mighty Auster doing the job so well. Tom Lockley, Aviation Historical Society of Australia, (NSW)

4th November 2017 8:53:23 PM
Now named "Dubbo" and repainted in the new QantasLink livery

31st October 2017 4:11:44 AM
back in 63 I sat in the back seat of this plane a lot as a kid i was about nine then
it was then owned by DR william weathers out of san benadino

16th October 2017 3:07:46 PM
I worked on the original NZ-3546 in 1964 & 1968. Flew in it many times. Have many happy memories.

13th October 2017 6:42:30 PM
This is the first airplane I ever went in. I was a 12 year old scout in 1979 at the 12th Asia Pacific Jamboree and a short joy ride was one of the activities we could choose. For some weird reason I still remember the pilot radioing the call sign. Good to see the plane is still in the air.

1st October 2017 11:09:54 AM
I flew RCN for about 10 years, gaining just over 2000 hours. It was a beautiful aeroplane. Very forgiving and excellent to fly (IFR or VFR ).

19th September 2017 3:51:47 PM
I'm now a part-owner in this fine sailplane.

19th September 2017 1:00:20 PM
Cool plane

12th September 2017 7:20:06 PM
It looks good

10th September 2017 3:46:29 PM
Gracefully takes wings!

10th September 2017 3:43:19 PM
Very nice craft!

18th August 2017 6:09:02 AM
Mister Brian Griffiths if you are looking for the aircraft C-FHCG, the Canadian Registration is for a Robinson R44 an the owner is a company SERVICE HELICOCORP INC at St-Hubert Airport CYHU Canada Québec.
2 photos of C-FHCG.
le commandant
14th August 2017 9:13:16 PM
I'm trying to track down the owner of this aircraft. I was in Canada recently, and my cousin flies a 1/3 scale model of it, with the original Canadian registration of C-FHCG. My cousin Rob Dover would very much like to be in touch with the owner, and especially if there are some current photos of the aircraft. I have two photos of the model that I can forward if your are interested. Thanks for your help with this. Regards, Brian Griffiths

13th August 2017 9:03:07 PM
My very first flight in a Squirrel was in SWX - and what a helicopter it is!

4th August 2017 5:10:23 PM
I was the owner of this aircraft from 1987 until 1993, when it was registered in the UK as G-BFJI, during which time I flew it about 500 hours, mainly on business in the UK but also on holidays in Europe. Before my ownership (I believe when it was registered in France) the aircraft took part in a major rally to West Africa along with other Robin aircraft. This was the subject of a lengthy article in "Pilot" magazine in (I believe) the 1970's. I think I may still have a copy of the magazine somewhere. I sold the aircraft to Ian Maxwell in 1993 who had a new engine and some avionics fitted before he flew it to Australia in January 1994, taking about 10 days for the whole trip

28th July 2017 1:49:20 AM
Flew in RSG when it was still owned by Saul Cartman she flew nicely and smoothly

14th July 2017 10:46:37 AM
I flew N7565M as a club member back in 1965-1966. Great plane. Lots of fun to fly. Love to hear from anyone else that has flown N7565M. Email:

Marshall Martell
13th June 2017 10:38:39 PM
As i understand mr faux is no longer amoug the living he was doing a crop dusting indorsment and the student clipped a power line with the vertical stabiliser and the a/c exploded on impact

8th June 2017 12:12:53 PM
June 7/18

7th June 2017 2:28:32 PM
Great airframe, well looked after and the maintenece is all up to date.

3rd June 2017 5:56:42 AM
My father was a dealer for Bellanca in the late 60s and this was his demo plane. Made several trips from TX to PA and had a great time with Dad. He was a great pilot and part of his demo was to do outside loops in this plane. I have an interest in purchasing the plane in any conditions if it comes up for sale.

25th May 2017 11:52:21 AM
Many years ago when I lived in Orange (NSW) I commenced my flying training on VH MUK which then was a Piper Cherokee 140. It was white with green trim. I note that now the registration belongs to balloon. Does anyone know if the aircraft still exists, albeit under another registration number?.

25th May 2017 10:19:48 AM
VH AMK was the very first aircraft I actually took control of and flew. I am now 73 an when I was about 12, I lived at Caringbah in NSW. Whenever I managed to save £4.8 (4 pounds 8 shillings) from my paper run, I caught a train to Bankstown station, usually on a Sunday. I would then walk from there to Bankstown aerodrome to save the 3 pence bus fare.
I would wander around and in and out of the hangars (kids could do that in those days) and end up at Kingsford Smith Flying School where I paid my £4.7.6 for an hour flying in an Auster. An instructor who I think was Keith Robey would then install the control stick in the rear seat of Auster, VH AMK. We would take off and immediately the instructor would let me take control. Many years I obtained my pilots licence but never fotgot the thrill of flying VH AMK.

23rd May 2017 1:02:03 AM
C-FSGJ Cessna 150 E. Ce Cessna 150 a fait un atterrissage d'urgence sur l'autoroute 20 suite à une panne de moteur dimanche 21 Mai 2017 près de l'aéroport de Beloeil CSB3 QC.
le commandant.
16th May 2017 10:30:44 PM
Seen this Aircraft on TVâ¦.7mate 16May2017

16th May 2017 9:51:24 AM
Registration previously belonged to Cessna Citation air ambulance. I have been unsuccessful in tracing that original registrant aircraft. Anybody know of its whereabouts or disposition? I once flew it and would be interested to know if it is still flying.

16th May 2017 9:49:20 AM
Registration previously belonged to Cessna Citation air ambulance ... now in Africa.

16th May 2017 9:48:19 AM
Registration previously belonged to Cessna Citation air ambulance.

16th May 2017 9:46:01 AM
Image taken on approach to RWY 12 @ CZBB

6th May 2017 8:09:34 PM
Having flown OHR for 30 hours and, I hope, forged a friendship with the owner, I can confirm this is a wonderful aircraft to fly. Well maintained, well appointed and in great condition for its age, especially when compared to most of the mid-70s flying school Pipers and Cessnas.

14th April 2017 6:07:40 PM
VH-OHR is a 160 hp NVFR certified Cherokee 140 with numerous mods. Cruises at 110knots or better, this aircraft is based in Brisbane, and available for hire! Visit for details.

3rd April 2017 12:24:57 PM

2nd April 2017 11:45:50 AM
Hello Buffy. I like your explanations for the damages to the Cessna 172 which was hit by the hurricane Debby at Bowen airport. You are a professionsl.
le commandant
29th March 2017 9:43:06 PM
Captd D . I sold this Aircraft to a great friend 11 Oct 1995.
The new Owner took great pride in this TOMMI & put new Engine in that has only done less than 200 Hrs yet had the annual Isnp & 50 hourly Oil changes . Also a new Propeller FP . Engine LYC 0-235 and it ADSB plus great radio's .

22nd March 2017 12:43:01 PM
VH WTQ was involved in a crash early January 2017 and is no longer.

21st March 2017 11:40:27 PM
Went for a flight in this one 13/3/2016. Pilot was great and the flight very enjoyable. Euston Robinvale Ski Race weekend. Location Robinvale Football oval.

17th March 2017 12:13:14 PM
Hello, need a photo of this a/c. Can you tell me if it is a CP301a,b, or c?

2nd March 2017 8:07:33 AM
At rest at Invercargill Airport 8 Sept 2015. A very load aircraft taking off.

New Zealand
28th February 2017 9:28:20 AM
The aircraft is the P model just a little more powerful engine (160 HP at 2700 RPM) than most 172's and just a little more fun to fly.

19th February 2017 1:26:54 AM
I am the current owner operator of this great little aircraft. No Spats or spinner at the moment.

4th February 2017 5:25:54 AM
Jetgriff you are a perfect paparazzi because you give all the informations about your photos.
I like it.
le commandant
29th January 2017 12:44:31 AM
Year manufactured is 1960. Lockheed L-188C c/n 2014 was flown first on 17 February 1960.
The airliner was registered PH-LLG with the KLM NV on 24 February 1960, delivered on 25 February 1960 to KLM.

26th January 2017 1:42:07 PM
Has anyone got an idea about what this aircraft has been doing over Adelaide today 26/1/16? Its track goes back and forth across the northern suberbs of Adelaide. Have a look at

26th January 2017 9:59:43 AM
KSH has been engaged in shark spotting ops on the Far south coast on NSW flying over Eden (my home town) twice every morning.

23rd January 2017 1:46:59 AM
Benkurek, Is it possible when you publish some photos of aircraft to give all the necessary informations like the kind of airplane, model, at which airport the photo was taken and indicated the position on the map? For a aviation fan like me who live in the North of the Planet i like to know what happens in aviation to the South of the Earth. A real paparasi give all the informations about his photos. Thank you.
Le Commandant.
17th January 2017 1:25:35 PM
Archerfield 17.01.2017

13th January 2017 6:57:11 AM
Tower , squawk VFR code and say type
Crew,,, I'm ARV :)

8th January 2017 6:01:50 PM
Aircraft is active flying from cycd or cyyj. About one hundred hours around southern bc. Cruise 100 knots, or 90 knots at 18 lbs/ hr.

8th January 2017 2:12:14 PM
I saw it flying over Peace Valley Park, Bucks County Pa.

28th December 2016 5:12:38 PM
Hi Paul:

I was the second owner of Foxtrot Hotel Yankee Uniform. I bought it from the original owner in 1984. Still miss it. There were about 700 hours on it when my wife decided she'd like a new house rather than an airplane. So bye-bye to my Grumman. How many hours on the plane now? Still running?


13th December 2016 6:46:31 AM
Hi this is Hannah with Executive Aviation in Baton Rouge! We recently had you guys over and charged for some fees, I'm currently having trouble finding a telephone number for you guys! If you could please call us when you can!

Thank you!!

4th December 2016 7:04:21 AM
Salut Billykid. Quand tu fait un commentaire pour ton avion tu devrait publier la photo de ton avion si tu veux le vendre, les acheteurs aiment voir les avions qu'ils veulent acheter. A quelle adresse courriel les acheteurs peuvent te contacter et ou est stationné ton Maule?
le commandant.
3rd December 2016 6:09:01 AM
This maule is currently for sale. I dont have the time to fly it anymore. If you need anymore info feel free to contact me

26th November 2016 2:55:55 PM
Beautiful a/c to fly

30th October 2016 10:45:37 AM
Version sans accent :-(

Wow! Impressionnant le Commandant tout un travail. Une ecole de pilotage devrait acheter ca. Pour des photos en vol de mon RW ca ne sera pas pour si tot. J'ai presque une annee complete de perdu a cause de problemes de sante. J'ai subit 3 chirurgies et j'attend la 4ieme qui jespere sera la derniere d'ici peu. Donc le RW est encore dans le garage avec mes udgrades non completer. Mais aussitot que ce sera possible je le ferai.

PS, un de mes ami vient tout juste d'arriver avec sa nouvelle acquisition. Un beau Pelican avec un 914 turbo avec wheel ski Datum, MGL Enigma etc. Superbe de machine.

30th October 2016 10:41:59 AM
Wow! Impressionnant le Commandant tout un travail. Une école de pilotage devrait acheter ça. Pour des photos en vol de mon RW ça ne sera pas pour si tôt. J'ai presque une année complète de perdu a cause de problèmes de santé. J'ai subit 3 chirurgies et j'attend la 4ième qui jâespère sera la dernière d'ici peu. Donc le RW est encore dans le garage avec mes udgrades non complétés. Mais dès que ce sera possible je le ferai.

PS, un de mes ami vient tout juste d'arriver avec sa nouvelle acquisition. Un beau Pelican avec un 914 turbo avec wheel ski Datum, MGL Enigma etc. Superbe de machine.

21st October 2016 3:38:29 PM
VH-CJW was purchased on March 5th, 1978 by Knut Vahl Meyer (Ballarat Aero Club CFI) from a RAAF Point Cook dentist who had had the aircraft restored there following its crop dusting career (Tocumwal?). VH-CJW was subsequently kept in Ballarat and eventually sold to Messrs John Kennedy and John Turner in January 1983 where I believe it is still hangared and owned by John Kennedy. VH-CJW was not fitted with a metal propeller (as stated above) but, as far as I can recall, a fabric covered wooden propeller with brass leading edge and tip protectors. (KVM Oct 21, 2016)

18th October 2016 11:39:43 AM
Salut commandant, c'est moi qui a demande GOLF HOTEL ROMEO WHISKI. Un 300 est un bon helico plusieurs ecole l'utilise. Je prefererais aussi un R44 mais je crois que le cout d'operation est plus elever. Et la fameuse duree de vie de 12 ans des Robinson.
Merci pour les bons commentaires.

11th October 2016 4:41:45 PM
Hi Dear Friends,

I'm trying to get in touch with this Private Airline Operator going by the name of Lewis Garry E.
Contact details: Owner

Owner Name: LEWIS GARY E
Registrant Type: Individual
Last Action Date: 03 Jan 2016
Owner Address: 7848 E THELMA DR

Would anyone have any reliable contact like phone numbers or email address of this person?

Thank you.

3rd October 2016 6:31:22 AM
One Pilot one passenger Tandam seating

3rd October 2016 6:29:49 AM
Powered by a Lycoming 0-235 (118 HP)

1st October 2016 12:19:21 PM
SF 260

VH- ZKC history.

5Y-ALL from Aug 1970 - Feb 1982

N260FS from Mar 1982; repainted in a Red Arrows colour scheme; summer 1983

shipped to US

N260SM from Nov 1983 - May 2013; repainted in fake Italian Air Force colour

scheme "70-58" code

VH-ZKC from Jul 2013 to present.
1st October 2016 1:57:46 AM
What an amazing plane. Aerobatic, retractable and cruised at 175 K.
I flew this aircraft when charter flying in Kenya in the late 70's. She was blue and white then, 5Y-ALL. Belonged to my chairman Zovita Boskovic an amazing character. He was Yugoslav and flew Spitfires for the RAF in North Africa during the war. His low level aeros in LL were a delight to watch.
Bosky as he was fondly called was also a member of the caterpillar club and mentioned in the book 'Into the silk'. He was demonstrating a bunt (a Yugoslavian type) and told to only do one! It went so well he decided to do another which certainly didn't go to plan. The plane broke up when inverted! Bosky deployed his chute but then debris from the plane starting falling into the canopy and accelerated his descent. He hit the deck hard whilst trying to rid the canopy of debris and thankfully lived to tell the story.

LL was sadly sold in the early 80's to a KLM pilot who ferried her to Holland from Nairobi Wilson.

Bosky loved this plane and I know regretted its sale. He was elderly though and sadly passed away on the 23/11/98

Great to see her still going strong and flying in Australia. (Quite a history. Italy-Kenya-Holland-USA-Australia!)
25th September 2016 11:53:46 AM
THC at Tooradin

24th September 2016 6:58:18 PM
This plane has recently been purchased by Jetgo Australia and will be registered as VH-ZJG on it's arrival into the country... quote from

The aircraft previously operated under US registration N297SK for Republic Airways Holdings, which provides regional services to the major US network carriers. It has been repainted into Jetgo livery and will have Australian registration VH-ZJG when it enters service in this country.
24th September 2016 9:57:04 AM
Salut commandant, je trippais pas tellement sur un helico qui te dit que c fini avant de monter dedans. Alors que GHRW great heli rotor way est mieux. Les modif de mon interieure ne sont pas terminer.

18th September 2016 2:31:45 AM
I now own this aircraft at Earl Grey, Saskatchewan.

16th September 2016 4:45:44 PM
Seen over flying Hobbiton (Matamata), New Zealand on 20160911

16th September 2016 4:27:06 PM
Over flew Hobbiton (Matamata) 20160911

16th September 2016 3:51:10 PM
Seen at Te Kuiti 20160914 - along side ZK-LTQ

16th September 2016 12:15:50 PM
Aug/Sep 2106 - see . XUX is on an epic flight over the 'Hump' to China to be preserved in FLYING TIGER HISTORICAL MUSEUM in Guilin, China. Due to an engine fire on 17 August ,just out of Denpasar (where I was lucky enough to see it being prepped for flight) XUX diverted to Surabaya, Indonesia, where it is awaiting an engine change.

12th September 2016 5:48:37 PM
This aircraft was owned by the Tunut Aero Club in southern NSW in the mid/late 1960s. It was used as a trainer and a very popular one. I am pretty sure that the club purchased it from Victa and from memory it was being used in Papua New Guinea as a sales demonstrator. It had a caricature of a mosquito with scarf and flying goggles painted on the nose cowling or just foreward of the cockpit.
I worked on Blowering and Talbingo dams in the construction days and flew in it many times. Vivid memories.

10th September 2016 7:43:22 AM
Prensently under it's 100hrs maintenance and some upgrades. All new upgraded drivetrain bearings and belts. Redesign dash and interior uprade.

2nd September 2016 2:27:19 AM
Hello. I am a Realtor in Coffeyville Kansas. I have someone interested in purchasing the home located at 4104 W 6th in Coffeyville. I am trying to locate the correct owner of that home. If this is you, please call me at 620-716-1308. Thanks!

14th August 2016 3:50:15 PM
Seen flying over Soldiers Beach, Central Coast NSW at 13:48 on 14 August 2016

13th August 2016 1:07:27 AM
Form global news story: man in his 20s is dead after a small plane, which police said was stolen from a rural Greater Toronto Area airport, crashed near a mall in Peterborough overnight.

Police said the Piper aircraft went down just after 1 a.m. in Peterboroughâs south end near Lansdowne Place at High St. and Landsowne St. about 140 kilometres east of Toronto.

The pilot, who was the lone occupant on board the plane, was found dead by emergency crews.

Police said the aircraft was stolen from a York Region airport north of Toronto earlier in the evening. Authorities did not provide details of the exact location.

âWhen the plane was in Peterborough we were able to identify the owner and contacted the owner, thatâs how we established the plane was stolen,â Insp. Lynne Buehler told reporters Friday morning.

âYork Regional Police Services is investigating the theft of the plane as it occurred in their jurisdiction.â

Police said the Transportation Safety Board attended the scene and is cooperating with authorities to determine the cause of the crash.

The identity of the deceased has not been released and police did not reveal whether he was a licensed pilot.

Buehler said the manâs body was taken by the coroner to Toronto for an autopsy.

2nd August 2016 9:38:56 PM
Gerard I have brand new wing extensions propeller & blank dash for the Samba if any interest please give me a call on 087 2552578

2nd August 2016 9:38:24 PM
John I have brand new wing extensions propeller & blank dash for the Samba if any interest please give me a call on 087 2552578

2nd August 2016 9:37:06 PM
John I have brand new wing extensions a propeller & a blank dash for the Samba--if any interest please give me a call on 087 2552578